Desk teleconferencing phone with built-in microphone and loudspeaker.


Description of product operation

EACOME SV18 conference phone is a feature-rich and versatile conference phone. Supports analog phone and USB VoIP. Highly stable and reliable acoustic performance. 4 internal unidirectional microphones gather at 3m, 360 degree coverage, best for conference room within 20-60 m² Supports two extension microphones to pick up voice even over 5 meters. Application of EACOM SV18 Support for analog telephone exchange, PSTN and analog telephone network. USB support, suitable for video conferencing system, multimedia communication system, UC unified communication platform, VPN platform, etc. Speaker volume up to 90db, 12 levels adjustable. Support audio output to amplifier and mixing console, expand room coverage options to meet the requirements of large conference room.

Shenzhen Eacome Electronics Co., LTD. was established in 2002. It is one of the leading audio and video conferencing solutions providers in China. A leading Communication security manufacturer that integrates research, development, production and sales. We have clients in Europe, USA, Asia and won good reputation. Our products are widely used in various Video conferencing system, Audio conferencing system, Education system, Office system. We strive to provide a better user experience for our customers. Eacome, makes every meeting better and easier.

The EACOME SV18 conference phone appears to be a versatile solution for conference calls, offering a range of features tailored to different communication setups. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

  1. Analog and USB VoIP Support: This allows compatibility with both traditional analog phone systems and modern VoIP setups, providing flexibility in connectivity.
  2. Acoustic Performance: The SV18 boasts highly stable and reliable acoustic performance, ensuring clear sound quality during calls.
  3. Microphone Coverage: With four internal unidirectional microphones, the SV18 provides 360-degree coverage within a range of 3 meters, suitable for conference rooms spanning 20-60 m². Additionally, it supports two extension microphones to capture voices from up to 5 meters away, ensuring that all participants are heard clearly.
  4. Compatibility: The SV18 supports various communication platforms, including analog telephone exchange, PSTN, analog telephone network, USB, video conferencing systems, multimedia communication systems, UC unified communication platforms, and VPN platforms.
  5. Speaker Volume and Adjustability: It offers speaker volume of up to 90db, with 12 adjustable levels, allowing users to customize the sound output according to their preferences and room size.
  6. Audio Output Options: The SV18 supports audio output to amplifiers and mixing consoles, enabling the expansion of room coverage options to accommodate larger conference rooms.

Overall, the EACOME SV18 conference phone seems to be a comprehensive solution for conference calls, catering to various communication needs with its versatility and robust performance.

The EACOME SV18 conference phone can be deployed in various settings where conference calls or audio meetings are conducted. Here are some common deployment scenarios:

  1. Conference Rooms: The SV18 is suitable for small to medium-sized conference rooms, offering 360-degree microphone coverage and clear audio output, making it ideal for meetings with multiple participants.
  2. Office Meeting Rooms: In office environments, the SV18 can be used in dedicated meeting rooms or huddle spaces for team discussions, presentations, and collaboration sessions.
  3. Remote Offices: Businesses with remote offices or distributed teams can deploy the SV18 to facilitate communication between team members located in different locations, ensuring seamless collaboration regardless of geographical barriers.
  4. Home Offices: With the rise of remote work and virtual meetings, individuals working from home can also benefit from the SV18’s capabilities, enhancing the quality of their audio conferences and virtual meetings.
  5. Training Rooms: Training sessions, seminars, and workshops can utilize the SV18 to ensure clear communication between trainers and participants, even in larger training rooms.
  6. Educational Institutions: Colleges, universities, and schools can deploy the SV18 in classrooms, lecture halls, or meeting spaces for virtual lectures, distance learning sessions, and administrative meetings.
  7. Healthcare Facilities: Healthcare organizations can use the SV18 in hospital conference rooms, medical offices, or telemedicine setups to facilitate remote consultations, medical conferences, and multidisciplinary meetings.
  8. Government Offices: Government agencies and public sector organizations can deploy the SV18 in meeting rooms and government facilities for official discussions, policy meetings, and inter-agency collaboration.

Overall, the EACOME SV18 conference phone is versatile and can be deployed in various professional settings where effective communication and collaboration are essential.

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